Staff List



Terry Lawless


Annmaree Jones

 Assistant Principal - Student    Wellbeing and Operations

Ang Petridis

 Acting Assistant Principal –  Curriculum, Instruction and  Assessment

 Leader of Learning – Digital  Learning

Taxia Katsouranis

 Leader of Learning - English

Kevin Chigwidden

 Leader of Learning - Mathematics

Kim Flack

 Data, Assessment and Reporting  Leader

Mandy Pilkington

 Business Manager

Rosie Blake

 Office Assistant

Kathy Broadway

 Reception and Administration Support

Kate Gialamatzis

 Prep A

Felicity Jones

 Prep B

Candice De Chalain

 Prep C

Simon King

 Prep D

Jodie Walters

 Prep E

Matt Hart


Vanessa Hancock


Joel Magnabosco


Carmel Manning


Christine Kane


Kim Cleghorn


Nathan Welsh


Georgina Dunne


Vanessa Brown


Renee Johnson


Melanie Axelson


Brad Morin


Maree Caminiti


Claire Crozier


Debbie Arnheim /

Melanie Barger


Adriana Jankulovski


Melina Shenoy


Anne-Marie Sterjovski


Rhianna Megna


Tom Penberthy


Kelly Laidlaw /

Grace Murray


Katie McClue


Patrick Liederbach


Sarah Mason


Shane Collins


Ruth Branthwaite

 Visual Art

Matt Symmons

 Visual Art & Music

Gina Tan


Olivia La Trache


Ainsley Gravett

 Physical Education

Kelleigh Evans

 Physical Education

Sally Tonge


Linda Turner


Gramatiki Alexiou


Nadine Park


Anne Doherty


Karen Anderson

 Education Support

Philomena Beagley

 Education Support

Briony Briggs

 Education Support

Janine Doll

 Education Support

Gail Dyer

 Education Support

Nicole Harmer

 Education Support

Mary Hegarty

 Education Support

Belinda Passmore

 Education Support

Laura O’Connell

 Education Support

Nicholas Ryan

 Education Support

Scott Partenio

 ICT Technician

Kristen Kosowski

 ICT Technician

Greer Roberts-Orr

 First Aid and Office Support

Deborah Golden

 Director OSHC